Handcrafted Decorative Leather Decor, Handbags, & Wall Pieces

Looking for a unique item to finish your interior space?

Each pillow, wall piece or decorative item is one of a kind. I try to upcycle textiles and/or leathers in some of my pieces.

  • Sustainability

    85% of all textiles will end up in landfills (21 billion pounds per year). I have evolved into utilizing upcycled fabrics and leathers in each piece. The nature of my technique allows me to salvage items which would normally be tossed. Having been a recycler all of my adult life, I now enjoy the process of searching for textiles and leathers with the intent of repurposing into unique pillows and wall pieces.

  • Batik stash

    My former studio partner creates stunning batiks. These beauties showed up in the mail one day. She generously shared left over pieces to add to my collection.

  • Finishing the pillows

    All pillow backs are made of quality leathers. Inserts are filled with feathers and down which give them a substantial feel. Backs are laced together for a clean look.

  • Leather waste basket with imprinted panels

    By adapting a leather machine typically used for clicking out shapes, I began imprinting with found objects.

  • Handbag with imprinted pocket

    Half the fun is finding objects to imprint. Jewelry, metal candle holders, farm equipment parts have been altered to use as design elements.

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Designs to appeal to different styles

  • My studio is my happy place

    I hope that it is reflected in my work.

New Beginnings

I was a displaced southerner living on the other side of the map.

After years of living in different areas of the country, my husband and I settled in rural eastern Oregon. We lived in a lush valley surrounded by mountains on a small farm. My husband passed unexpectedly last September and I felt like I need to position myself closer to my family. So my large dog, Ike, and I took off on a cross country trek with a small camper. I had my sister along for part of the adventure. Then I stayed in an amazing state park on the edge of town in Jackson, MS for a month to be near family and friends. After Christmas I took off to stay with family in North Carolina.

The next chapter will include living and working in a larger camper for 6 months in the mountains of North Georgia to explore and decide where I want to settle.

A variety of experiences brought me here

I spent my early years as a fiber artist working out of a cooperative studio with four other women working in various forms of fiber art. I was primarily involved in weaving and silk painting.

After marrying a talented saddle maker, I moved into the world of leather. He patiently taught me the basics. I began making tack to complement his business. Eventually I moved into more artsy applications with leather.

At the beginning of 2022 I started using a piecing technique to build one of a kind decorative pillows to provide an accent to interior settings. I am very particular about the materials I use. I am fortunate to have wonderful leather suppliers who take good care of me. In the last few months I have discovered wonderful upcycled treasures in the textile and leather lines which are incorporated into pieces. It is satisfying to rescue an item which is most likely heading to the landfill due to a tear or hole. With my technique I can work around those and utilize the rest.

I discovered a box of monoprints on fabric which I created years ago. So I have begun a line of wall pieces incorporating them. It has reawakened the joy of monoprinting so I have been making more on upcycled fabrics. Then I started stripping the pieces and weaving with leather strips. So it appears that I have come full circle back into simple weaving.

There are so many opportunities in this area so I am also looking forward to returning to creating purses and decorative pieces using a technique that I started using years ago of imprinting found objects into leather.

If you are looking for a piece with particular colors or style, please contact me. I love the search to create a special look.

I also work directly with interior designers. So feel free to get in touch if you have a client you would like to create a unique piece for.